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La Peñita Birding Tour

Este emocionante tour especializado en la observación de aves de 3-4 horas de duración será un breve pero significativo recorrido por dos sitios rurales de la costa mexicana. Además, abordaremos algunos de con conceptos culturales y ambientales básicos para entender el complejo y apasionante ecosistema costero. En primer lugar, se visitará un estero en un contexto semiurbano, donde podremos observar varios tipos de garzas y otras especies acuáticas, además de las aves marinas que estarán justo enfrente. Posteriormente, llegando a una de las entradas norte de la playa se realizará observación de aves caminando por las calles de la comunidad, se espera observar especies como el cacique mexicano, el cuervo sinaloense y una gran variedad de especies migratorias. Finalmente, podremos compartir un momento de reflexión y conocimiento mientras degustamos un almuerzo preparado por uno de los restaurantes con mayor tradición en la región.

Ecotour especializado en observación de aves de 4-5 horas de duración. El tour inicia recibiendo a nuestros visitantes en la avenida principal de La Peñita de Jaltemba, Nayarit. Haremos una parada para tomar un desayuno ligero y pasar al baño si es necesario. A partir de ahí caminaremos desde la avenida principal hasta el estero, donde realizaremos el primer punto de observación de aves. Posteriormente caminaremos en dirección norte por la playa, hasta llegar al acceso denominado Cda. Cabo San Lucas haciendo observación de aves, hasta la calle 15 de Mayo, donde tendremos la segunda punto fijo. A partir de ahí se tomará la calle Bahía Punta de Mita para llegar al Restaurant La Avenida, donde se servirá el almuerzo para los clientes.

This exciting 3-4 hour birding tour will be a brief but meaningful tour across two rural sites on the Mexican coast. In addition, we will address some of the basic cultural and environmental concepts to understand the complex and exciting coastal ecosystem. First, we will visit an estuary in a semi-urban context, where we will be able to observe various types of herons and other aquatic species, in addition to the seabirds that will be right in front of it. Later, arriving at one of the northern entrances to the beach, we will do some bird watching while we walk through the streets of the community, we expect to observe species such as the Yellow-wing Cacique, the Sinaloan Crow and a variety of migratory species. Finally, we will be able to share a moment of reflection and knowledge while enjoying a lunch prepared by one of the most traditional restaurants in the region.

Duración / Duration: 4-5 horas / 4-5 hours
Número de participantes / Number of Participants: 2-8
Costo / Cost: $1,200.00 MXN
Disponible durante
la temporada / Available during season:
todo el año / year-round


  • Coffee, juice and snack.
  • Lunch a la carte
  • Guide specializing in birds
  • Binoculars and field guide


  • Café, jugo y snack.
  • Almuerzo a la carta
  • Guía especializado en aves
  • Binoculares y guía de campo

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What You Need to Know – Birding & Brews

  • This tour is a great option for beginner-birders as well as seasoned birders.
  • E-biking is fun, safe, and easy to do! (must be 16+)
  • All participants must submit a signed liability waiver and photo release form. Participants under the age of 18 must have the waiver and form signed by a parent or guardian.

FAQs Birding and Brews Eco Tour

Do I need to be an expert birder to join this tour?

You do not need any prior birding experience to join this trip! Our naturalist guide will help you identify birds and share interesting facts as well as teach you about local ecology and conservations efforts. The San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge is a hotspot for birdlife and as a result there is something for everyone. In other words, you do not need to be an expert birder to enjoy this tour!

What fitness level is required?

During this tour we cover approximately five miles of easy walking or riding on flat ground, and we will adjust the pace to suit the group. Therefore, no particular fitness level is required. If you have any physical limitations, please let us know in advance.

What makes this an “eco” tour?

Ocean Connectors is a nonprofit program with a mission to educate, inspire, and connect youth in underserved Pacific coastal communities through the study of migratory marine life. When you purchase your Eco Tour ticket all proceeds go directly back to our youth education programs. All of our tours also focus on environmental education and conservation and align with our mission to educate, inspire and connect. We hope to inspire guests to get involved in protecting our oceans!

What is citizen science?

Citizen science is the practice of public participation and collaboration in research to increase scientific knowledge. Citizen science helps with gathering scientific data as well as fostering community involvement. On this tour we will gather data of any birds we spot using eBird. Data collected using eBird plays an increasingly important role in science and conservation, with applications ranging from research and monitoring to species management, habitat protection, and informing law and policy.

How does my ticket purchase support youth education?

Ocean Connectors provides presentations and field trips for all public elementary and middle schools in National City, as well as 27 schools in Nayarit, Mexico. Our vison is to cultivate a future generation of passionate, globally-aware, and empowered coastal residents who take active steps to enjoy and protect ocean health. All proceeds of your ticket price goes directly toward these free youth education programs. All our 6th grade students use migratory sea birds as a case study and attend a field trip to the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge where they observe birds and plant native vegetation!

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